F I T C A F E ' ®

Fitcafé® by GVM I.E. is our special healthy formula reserved to the pharmacies.

Get your daily wellness with the 1st herbal and spiced patented coffee.

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Now brew some healthy ™ - Produced in Italy by GVM I.E.

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Fitcafé® Italy

Fitcafé® is the innovative patented Italian coffee with 100% natural proprietary formula.

It contains world known healthy extracts of herbs and spices to get fit daily.

It replaces in a more healthy way your daily cups of coffee: brew it as usual coffee (drip filter, Espresso, moka stovetop, etc.). Help to burn fats drinking following a balanced Mediterranean diet. Do not forget another suggestion: to walk or to run slowly 30 minutes every day.

Some ingredients:

- Slowly roasted premium coffee;

- Bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium Amara), standardised dry extract (4% of synephrine*);

- Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) standardised dry extract (5:1TLC for flavonoids);

- Green tea (Thea Synensis), leaves;

- Ginger (Gingiber Officinalis), roots;

- Cinnamon (Cynnamomum Ceylanicum), barks.

How many calories do you need to eat in a day to maintain your current weight? That’s different for each and every individual. The only way to get a highly accurate number is a lab test where you sleep at the lab and they take measurements right as you wake up from 8 hours of sleep and at least 12 hours of fasting.

Just sitting up and typing a few hours a day, walking from the couch to your car, from the car to your office, etc. boosts your daily needs up by 20%.

If you lead a lifestyle where you have high levels of exertion every day, it can nearly double your calorie needs.


Fitcafè® patented formula is indeed healthy getting to your daily cups of coffee a superb taste and the property to:

- Aid in fat burning diet;

- Aid to increase energy;

- Aid to purify the body;

- Provide antioxidants;

- Aid to lower cholesterol;

- Aid in the digestive and intestinal process;

- Fluidify the blood stimulating blood circulation.

In good shape with Fit coffee

Fitcafé® is 100% natural and vegetal product (see quality table below) and does not contain:
• Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
• Sugar and sweeteners
• Glucose
• Gluten
• Synthetic preservatives
• Flavourings and colouring agents.

* Synephrine chemical formula:

Synephrine molecular formula


Synephrine percentage in the Fitcafé® formula is widely safe according to the rules indicated by the Italian health Minister (also drinking absurdly 8 daily cups).

Due to the beneficial effets of its ingredients, FITCAFE'® should be consumed 2 - 3 times per day (brew it like your habitual coffee taking the last cup before 17:00 PM).

Quality chart

Fitcafé® is high quality food supplement made according to the strictest and safest standards.
All GVM's products meet the following criteria:
• Freshness and safety
• Effective composition
• Stable formulation
• Best price/quality ratio
Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)
This system ensures the optimisation of the quality of primary raw materials so GVM's products
meet European norms concerning pesticides, heavy metals, genetic manipulation, etc.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
This system ensures that we offer constantly standardised quality product.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
This system, standard in the food industry, guarantees safety for your protection against possible influences the product can undergo due to mistakes in formulation, production and use of the product.
Good Distribution Practices (GDP)
This system ensures optimal storage and distribution of quality products in order to ensure the product’s and distribution’s quality.

Instructions for use

Fitcafé® is usually well tolerated when taking the recommended daily dose of 2-3 cups. However, some people are oversensitive to certain vegetable ingredients. If this is the case, it is recommended to no longer use products based on plants the person reacts to.
In accordance with general medical practice every product containing medicinal herbs is not recommended without medical advice. Generally the product can be taken, except for in serious life-threatening, physiological disorders.
Always keep out of reach of children. Store the product in the box in a dry place
temperature and away from direct sunlight.

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FITCAFE'® is registered mark and patent by GVM Italy

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